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ATOMIC MARKETING provides opportunities to individuals ready to establish a secure, upwardly mobile career & lifestyle. Our proven “I Do, We Do, You Do” platform emphasizes personal growth as a pathway to professional success. Through continuous mentoring, support, and positive reinforcement, we strive to ensure every team member becomes the best version of themselves, personally & professionally.

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Audrey Hutchinson


Loves blasting music in the office and singing along to every song. Dedicated is the best word to describe our CEO. Audrey always puts everyone else first and never allows anyone to give up on their goals. Her drive to get 1% better everyday is what pushes the team to be the best version of themselves regardless of what is going on. Audrey’s goal is to provide opportunity to every person that walks into Atomic’s doors!

Cassidy Davis


Breadwinner of the family, and can’t tell a story w/o laughing, Total Boss Lady vibes, Cassidy is a powerhouse and manages the office effortlessly. Her energy is contagious and everyone naturally steps up in her presence. Cassidy’s biggest dream is to be a business owner and provide financial freedom for her family.

Ohni Jones


Loves hanging out with her two kids and hiking in Hocking Hills, Sales, operations, and the office general Ohni makes sure the office is being run to HER standards. Nothing stands in her way, and she achieves any goal she sets her mind too. Ohni’s biggest Dream is to live in North Carolina and pursue her modeling career!

Bryce Solberg


Loves to seek thrill and parkour. Hustler and huge entrepreneurship mindset, Bryce enjoys challenging himself to try something new everyday. Top in sales every week, he sets the bar high for the rest of the team. Anyone trained by Bryce gains the ability to captivate any room they speak in. His biggest dream is to gain financial freedom to travel the world and inspire others to be great.

Sierra Marriner


Loves thrift shopping and taking her dog to the park, Style Enthusiast and best smile, Sierra is a strong force for the Atomic Marketing Team. Her sales skills are unmatched and everyone trained in her department excels. Sierra’s biggest dream is to travel whenever and wherever she wants.

Who We Are
Atomic Marketing is an Outsourced Marketing and Consulting firm representing a host of Fortune 500 companies to provide B3 sales and marketing solutions direct to the consumer, business to business, and retail-direct marketing.

Atomic Marketing IS the business of people helping people. We help customers by showing them that we truly care about them and their needs.

Atomic Marketing offers an authentic environment and a REAL opportunity for growth. We organically develop individuals from entry-level to leadership positions by providing a platform for our team members to become the best version of themselves. Through our management training and mentoring programs, ALL of our team members develop the skill set that it takes to reach an Elite level in our industry!

Atomic Marketing’s Unique Professional Development Platform Consists Of:

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Atomic Marketing’s Proven Platform provides qualified, hard-working individuals the opportunity to own and operate a business with no financial investment on their part.

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“When you are deciding on next steps, next jobs, next careers, further education, you should rather find purpose than a job or career.”

Chadwick Boseman

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